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A masterful take on SA & Texas History! However, it’s intense and requires 2 hrs of strict attention without interruptions of any kind such as asking guide to repeat something or questions while he is talking, photos, etc. 

So, liking History is not enough, one must be able to handle a non touristy, non jokey tour presented as a lecture on foot with little interaction. This cannot be stresed enough. Please do not book for a party if all in party are not aware and agree to abide with the previous! If there is any doubt at all, please book the SIGHTSEER tour.  It also provides much history, more than any other tour in town, save this one, which all ages and interest levels will enjoy!


If you're interested in history, you really must do this walk with San Antonio Walks. Beginning in front of the Alamo, our guide, Gary, introduced our two-hour tour with an explanation of the events leading up to the siege of 1836 in such depth that I could almost see and hear the battle that had taken place on the very ground I stood on. It was a humbling experience. We then walked around the area (several blocks, but less than a mile, with rest stops all along the way) and learned about the the development of the River Walk, as well as the significance of several of the buildings in the area. At each stop Gary explained how various historical events related to each other and combined to develop the beautiful city San Antonio is today. Before you spend money on any other attraction, take this tour.  LaBellaVista51  Longmont, Colorado  4/15/2013 - TripAdvisor


  • WHEN:  9am  12pm  3:30pm   DAILY 
  • WHERE:  Meet at 317 Alamo Plaza - Visitor Center.     
  • COST: $25 per person (WALK) $40 per person (DRIVE). Cash Only. 2 Guest Min
  • LENGTH: Under a mile/ 2 hrs

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