San Antonio Walks tours will be sure to please those interested in learning the fascinating History of San Antonio and Texas. Featured in USA Today's TravelTips, our experts tell her STORY; not a dry list of facts, and there's nothing like having a guide who'll afford you a more intimate and insightful way of experiencing San Antonio. You'll also benefit from a bit of light, refreshing exercise, and the nuances only a “Walk” provides! See for yourself why many prefer "Walking Tours" to any other and why so many tell us, "San Antonio Walks are they best tours they've taken in San Antonio, the US, and even the World!"


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                 REMEMBER THE ALAMO                                                                          

With most of the original Alamo long gone, its RE-CREATION by way of the HISTORY tour is always needed for a real understanding of the battle, and no one fills in the details the way our experts do! Let them tell you the STORY in a way that makes sense, and personally address all those Facts, Myths & Legends for you!


Additionally, the San Antonio Walks HISTORY tour gives a rare perspective of the Alamo from the vantage point of the city's early communities. Few know how each played a key role in the "Battle of the Alamo" and affected other important events in history as well. This will be shown from where these noteworthy events actually took place.

You'll find this unique approach fascinating as it brings to life and deepens your understanding of the famous battle like no other tour. Meanwhile, you won't miss out on the amazingly rich history of San Antonio which has made its mark on history in ways sure to surprise you!

COVERAGE: Alamo - San Fernando - Main Plaza - Presidio - La Villita - River & Walk - Missions - European & Indian Influences - Texas & Mexican Independence - Cowboy/Saloon Days - Tejanos - Texas History - Spanish Colonialism - Much More.

Note:  If booking HISTORY TOUR you must read and agree to  information found at the bottom of this page.

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While the History Tour's  narrative is  exceptional and has garnered many praiseworthy reviews, you may prefer  “lighter fare” for overview purposes.  The  “Sightseer”  will feature key Historical Elements & Sights,  yet,  mixes Modern ones  also.  Unlike the History Tour’s deeper details,  told in story form,  this  is  presented by  way of brief, yet significant highlights,  affording  more  photo  opportunities  &  questions,  etc., which all ages will enjoy!

 Description           KING WILLIAM     3   


Mark Twain declared San Antonio, “one of the four unique cities in the US”, referring to the confluence of cultures shaping it’s character. In the mid-late 1800's, none were more impactful as immigrants from Germany, notably; as business leaders. They used the wealth created by these endeavors to build lavish homes within an enclave they named in honor of King Wilhelm I, of Prussia - known today as the King William District & Texas’ 1st Historic Neighborhood. Come and explore it's history and the unique architecture these homes exhibit along with fascinating stories of its influential and interesting denizens. Along this shady stroll, you'll also enjoy  some lovely and rarely seen River Views!   For King William we meet in the District at the corner of King William St. & E. Guenther; take Blue Trolley South to Guenther House stop.  If you have a vehicle, there is parking on King William St.


 Description             ARCHITECTURE    4                                 

Ever since the Roman Vitruvius wrote his, "Ten Books on Architecture - De Architectura Libri Decem", the world of Architecture has been greatly influenced, and has expounded in many ways on its basic, yet, encompassing themes: Durability, Utility & Beauty. In this regard, San Antonio is a surpassing model of diversity. From the early Meso - American to the Jacal & Adobe it inspired, to Spanish Mission & Colonial styles. From Baroque & Gothic to Texas Vernacular, Victorian, Art Deco, Modernism & more. 


History   Sightseer   King William   Architecture   (tours 1-4)



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History   Sightseer   King William   Architecture   (tours 1-4)

TOURS  MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE by 7pm of the previous day.  Of course, the earlier the better to increase the likelihood of availability. Thereafter, you will need to AWAIT CONFIRMATION.  Same day requests can be made but we cannot guarantee a confirmation. Be sure you have read the "Note" below in red if you are reserving the HISTORY Tour.  For your convenience you may reserve your tour by either:

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If the above is not provided we may not be able to confirm your tour request. Please note: we are not able to confirm tours for 1 person unless 1 more person has also requested it. So, after your inquiry, we will inform you whether or not you're confirmed for the tour on this basis. We suggest you ALWAYS LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE (if calling) and include ALL the above information requested above. Tours are year round and we go rain or shine if you are willing.  Please dress weather appropriate.


History   Sightseer   King William   Architecture   (tours 1-4)

Check in at the City's Visitor's Center @ 317 Alamo Plaza (this is directly across from the front entrance of the Alamo, be sure you are at this visitor's center). Let the visitor center staff know you're there for the tour and please remain inside.  If you are scheduled for a 9:00am tour, we will meet just OUTSIDE of the front glass door at the same address.  This is because the Visitor Center does not open until 9:00am, so there is no way to go inside and we need to begin the tour exactly at 9:00am.

King William - we meet in the District near the corner of King William St. & E. Guenther, on the Guenther St. sidewalk directly in outside of the Guenther House entrance @ 205 E. Guenther St., San Antonio, TX 78204. Take the Blue Trolley South to the Guenther House stop. If you have a vehicle, there is parking on King William St. Look for guide holding a manila colored brochure.


History   Sightseer   King William   Architecture   (tours 1-4)

$25 per person. Under 6 yrs/ Free (up to 3 w/ 1 paid adult) CASH ONLY. Pay guide at the end of the tour.


$45 per person.  Please note: driving tours will by nature, in some cases, restrict the access that only walking tours can provide.  So, there will be some adjustments and the need to disembark for short periods to get the most beneficial perspective visually and informationally.


History   Sightseer   King William   Architecture (Tours 1-4)

Time/Distance   History = 2hrs / under a mile. Sightseer = 1:45min. / 1mile. King William = 1:45 min. / under a mile. Architecture = 1:45min. / just over a mile.

There is some seating at various spots & most of tour is shaded or sunny - depending on the season.

Note:  The HISTORY TOUR is comparable to a History lesson/lecture on foot. It is very rewarding informationally, and content-wise, unique compared to other tours in San Antonio.  It requires focus and close attention. Nor is it designed as a photo op. Considering the wealth of information therein, we tell this in story form and present dates and thoughts sequentially, making tie-ins throughout, which allows you optimum comprehension.  For these reasons, we entertain questions only after the guide is COMPLETELY finished talking at each stop. This is for your own continuity of thought and that of others, and to finish on time. Therefore, we ask that you please not interrupt your guide with questions, or to repeat things YOU feel are pertinent and must be answered at that exact moment, i.e., when guide is talking and probably about to answer your question in context.  Questions are welcomed, and your guide will explain the various opportunities that exist on the tour for you to ask them or to reiterate. We know this is obvious to most of you and based on your great reviews, are appreciating the careful design of this tour.  But, for those who insist, we suggest you take one of our other tours, e.g., the "SIGHTSEER" where there is more flexibility regarding the above, or find another tour service. DO NOT TAKE THIS TOUR IF YOU AND ALL IN YOUR PARTY CANNOT COMPLY WITH THE ABOVE!