Private "VIP" Tours    

San Antonio's premier touring company will provide you with the world class touring attention you've come to expect. Enjoy privacy away from the crowds and experience personal consideration towards your touring needs and other details while visiting San Antonio.  Whether you're a single individual, small party or large convention group (which our tours are ideal for), our competent staff are ready to cater to your specific needs and interests!

Private "VIP" Tours do not have to be walking tours. You can opt for public transportation or private vehicle, and we can join you.  You can also enjoy our comfortable vehicle services at a small additional charge. We can arrange to see specific sites of your choosing, such as spending an hour or two visiting the King William District or the Missions, etc. Or maybe you have  a theme in mind, e.g., Theatres, etc.   From there, we'll set up a tour featuring your request(s).  Of course, we will supply you with ideas and suggestions as to tour content when needed. You may also choose to take our fascinating public tour route with only your private party. Of course, now you can ask more questions, get further details, set the pace, or even go off the beaten path a little. The fact is, it's all up to you!

So, enjoy the luxury of creating your own tour and see WHAT you want, the WAY you’d like to.  No need to fit into a pre-determined idea of how to experience San Antonio.

Call us at (888) 368-6874.                                                                                                                     You can also email us at 

After your initial contact with us by one of the above means, you'll be provided with your VIP coordinator's personal cell phone number.                                


1-2 persons  $75 per person, per hour.  

4-6 persons  $60 per person, per hour.

7 or more persons = Please contact us for pricing, however, you can expect a volume discount, especially large groups of conventioneers.

* The above pricing is for non vehicle tours such as walking, or even where public transportation can be utilized.  If you prefer the use of our vehicle services,  there  will be an additional cost of $50 per hour. 

* Cash, Check or Credit Cards. Consult us for name checks are made out to.

Meeting Time and Place

For your convenience, we'll be happy to meet you right at your Hotel unless you would like to originate the tour at another place.  You may begin the tour at anytime, unless on rare occasion, there is a scheduling conflict.  However,  that is usually not a problem.


At least 2 hours to all day.