Teacher's Edition

This tour is a true learning experience. Thus, the reason for offering the "Teacher's Edition". This is for educators and their students.  We have hosted tours sponsored by area Universities & Colleges among other educational organizations.  

The "Teacher's Edition"  tells San Antonio's STORY.  This is done in a logical and accurate way, while supporting  a  "by topic" consideration in  a  manner  relative  to  your  needs. Likewise,  the content is modified and presented appropriate  to age  and educational level - from elementary to college.  In addition, we can provide you with assessment material that may be administered before or after the tour which are designed similarly. In fact, an effective option has been to use this during the tour.  It holds the student's attention while increasing their anticipation for the information to be presented.  Of course, using the proven method of storytelling for learning purposes not only adds to one's comprehension but makes the tour more enjoyable - especially when discussing, "deeper history".

San Antonio's earliest communities had a truly fascinating history in their own right. But, the narrative of how they drew together to become the one city we know today is most interesting as well.  Such developments are rarely discussed or known to local residents.  The proper emphasis each community deserves is given them. In reality, they all  played a significant part in the Texas Revolution and Mexican War of Independence, and the "Battle of the Alamo"!  By considering their place in relation to these and other historic developments, one gains a unique and more rounded perspective of the history they not only affected, but even participated in. 

This insightful approach will not only deepen and clarify one's understanding of San Antonio's history, but that of Texas, because; no place was as central to Texas History than San Antonio.  Therefore, it is critical to understand her story and this is what makes San Antonio "Walks" a peculiarly impactful educational tool. San Antonio will be the palette used to paint the picture of Texas history.  As a result, many tell us they will never look at the city in the same way again and have gained a newfound appreciation for just how rich the city's history actually is -  beyond the typical.

These foregoing events are discussed from the location where they actually occurred, adding to the engrossing nature of the tour. Regarding the Alamo, it may be considered as extensively as you'd like.  Many students find the famous battle truly understandable after our  treatment of it; not leaving them with little more than the ability of saying, "we went to the Alamo today"! 

Just as important, you'll come to appreciate how the foregoing not only affected Texas, but US and even WORLD HISTORY.  You'll be surprised by other developments in San Antonio which have left their mark on history.   Additionally,  your students may learn some new information not yet in textbooks as we are regularly updating and researching our topics in order to promote the most recent and accurate understanding of matters.

The "Teacher's Edition" tour is offered at a special educational rate. 

Historical Coverage: Alamo - San Fernando/Main Plaza - Presidio La Villita 
River -
Missions - European & Indian Influences - Texas & Mexican Revolution - Cowtown/ Saloon Days  - Tejanos - Much More.

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We will personalize arrangements for  you,  your  students  or  organization.  

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